Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring is almost here!

I've been inspired by scrapbooking stuff since I can remember, 
I love the papers and the cute goodies that creative area offers and lately 
I've seen a new trend to me using these papers and embellishments  
for planners and I am in love with them, so many beautiful 
inspiring pages and new ideas are flourishing over Instagram 
and Pinterest and I've been collecting them in my walls.

Now I want and feel like giving it a try but I decided to make my own 
embellishments, why? First it´s fun and second, it gives my pages a unique feel. 

In the past, if I couldn't find what I wanted in my studio or a near store,
 it used to be frustrating and so now this has turned into 
something new and exiting to me! 

Making studies for watercolors is fun but I find it even more fun 
to put use to what I create and this is a perfect way to practice 
and create something out of that, besides all those goodies I have 
been collecting and that have been waiting patiently in the corner 
of my studio, they now are put into use, I also want to make some
 cards but that will come later in another post!

Here, you can see a little of the process, I start with the drawings of 
my elements and coloring them with watercolors, the size of this 
journal is small so I have to make the images fit in there.

Choosing the color of the background first makes it all easier, then 
all you have to do is match and combine the colors and or use contrast.

I cut out the images and start planning my design, if needed, I create 
more elements, like the flowers and the bird, which at the end didn't 
make it in there but it can be saved for other pages!

I am also a lover of words, those who have been following this blog 
for a while know how I been practicing and trying to find my voice 
in that area and find a way to enjoy it, make it easy and beautiful, no, 
it hasn't been easy, calligraphy is hard!!
But I am happier now and so I hand write my own sentiments, I have a 
journal just to practice and I sometimes cut them out when they are lovely
or copy the words in the paper I will use.

So how do you know what is right for your page you wonder?

It's all a matter of what you like and keep moving things around to see 
what looks better to you, I give the page time to set in, I wait for a day 
or two and do other things, like reading this new book about this man 
I so admire, Da Vinci, cook, clean up the studio and then come back 
to the page and if I still like it the way it is I glue it, if not, I keep
 working it, there is no hurry is it?

I am learning to be even more patient with my self, with my goals, 
respect the process in me, it's not easy, this world pushes you to hurry
 and make it big time, like you depended on it to survive!  I am learning
 that it is not true, that our processes should be like the one of nature, 
which is always there, silently showing us how things should be.   

Nature grows delicately and slowly or else anything wouldn´t form 
perfectly or it would brake at the end.

Building your base, your foundations, even in simple things like this,
can become a habit and have to be taken seriously and patiently, 
we might never be famous or important in the matters of 
the world but we should intend to leave it gracefully when our time comes, 
to live true, dig into our selves to know the most of our real selves and 
having built what matters, what really matters in terms of the spirit which
is what you really take, which is who you truly are.

Thank you for sharing my creative journey!
I love you!

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