Friday, March 27, 2015

While everything else happens...

Growing is not easy
it takes courage, love and wisdom,
all of them have to be learned
and once you think you´ve learned it,
tests arrive to prove you still have
a long way to go, life, eternal life,
an ocean of possibility,
us, simple feathers, grabbing on
to the bird of infinite...
while everything else happens.

"Embracing all of my possibilities"
This one is a big time favorite over Pinterest! Thank you! ;)

New bookmarks!  I love these, they are so cute!! 
I want to make more of them in
large canvases!  Available here!


Give away winners!
The Random picked two different numbers 
first winner is April Lopez with #5
and Bev Langby with # 3
So please send me an email to:
with your address so I can send you your hand painted bookmarks!
I hope you´ll enjoy them!

You like this sheet? You may download and use it for your creative endeavors,
it was on my archives and found it today so I thought of sharing it, no I can´t 
remove the watermarks but that way you´ll remember me! ;) 
Not for resale!

Next post should be interesting, let´s see...

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