Saturday, March 14, 2015

Duality/ book mark give away!

We are constantly fighting against our own inner forces, to achieve balance is our goal, most of our lives agree to this,  we are daily forced to choose between living in duality or to be one in heart and in thought, to love and learn to love more or to leave and forget, to fight or to die, to stay in comfort or to try harder, we are all fighters to the forces of duality, faced towards multiple choices by our every day experiences.   To bring up the dancer of balance is an art, it requires to bring up the inner magician to transform what is now in our experience, to use our magic to accommodate the balance in the heart and bring our selves in to harmony, some of us have been in the ocean of lost for too long had been longing to be home since the beginning of time, or at least, it feels like so.  This piece, came out of that line of thoughts, hopefully, it brings harmony to your eyes and heart.

"Fighting the forces of duality"
Acrylics on 12"x9" watercolor paper
53 usd., includes shipping worldwide!
questions about this piece? Please contact me

I hope my last post about how to start in the art journal field have helped you,
I love what I do and it´s a joy to share it!  Remember you have tons of inspiration and
free classes on the left column of the blog waiting for you and if you have doubts 
or questions or would like to see something posted in the future, 
please contact me and I will be super
happy to do my best in answering in my next posts!

I have been creating book marks lately along with other stuff I will share
later with you, I am loving it and hope you wanna pick one or two 
for you or to give, sometimes I can´t even post them 
for they sell super fast in the studio and with friends but I hope to make
tons, it´s something I am enjoying a lot to do!
You can check my book marks on my new store here on the blog!
They are very affordable little pieces of art and
the shipping is only 2 dollars
anywhere in the world!

They are all unique and all hand painted and crafted by me,
no prints here, I want you to have the real thing and a very high
quality, they can be collected!

I could not resist! Lol!
I am not sure the movie is any good yet, I haven´t seen it
but this was already there waiting for some silly girl 
to sit on it and yes,  it´s true, I am corny, 
and yes, I would love my prince to come and find me and 
we live happily ever after... yes, yes, some
of you know who I mean! Most of us have a couple of princes
(some are kings), in our hearts, come on! I know you do too! ;)

Wait, there is a give away!

I´ll be giving away this two cute book marks bellow to celebrate the new 
Hands and Heart book marks store  to two lucky followers, 
make sure you are following the blog and then leave a comment in this post,
I´ll pick two sweets with and the winners will 
be announced on my next post!
Much luck and thank you for being part of this blog, 
of my life and my heart!


I love you!

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