Saturday, November 15, 2014

Art journaling in a cheap notebook and still make it fabulous!

Lately I´ve been working in a really cheap and common 
notebook, if you wonder why here are a few reasons 
why I love it followed by the
reasons why I don´t in case you want to try too!

It gives me freedom to make mistakes,
it doesn´t hurt to brake some of the pages,
it takes the pressure off making perfect things,
it´s super easy to find and it´s cheap meaning 
that I can have many, one for each theme, subject,
ideas I can think of!

The bad part of this is that it doesn´t have a nice quality,
that I have to glue two pages in order to have more 
stability on the paper, I used to do it with a regular glue stick
but then yesterday I tried using fluid gel medium and it is
faster to apply and it makes a better work so I am
going to stick with it!  I´ve been trying my ideas on this 
books and believe me I don´t worry anymore about the result,
I just want to experiment and learn and practice a lot!

I use a very good quality on my paints, I found a very professional
Mexican brand and it´s OMG, super cheap!, so the result 
is really good, some pages can be very beautiful and I plan on 
removing a few to frame them so don´t worry if you come out
with an amazing page, you know you can do it too!  

In some pages you can add papers for collage on the 
background and make it stronger, or add fabric scraps, the imagination
 is the limit, the important thing is that you keep having fun 
and learning new things!

At the end you will see how my images were used in 
the photo editor, Picasa, from google which is free and fabulous,
 you can download it here if you haven´t  and you will 
still end with beautiful images from your  own art journal pages!

Do you use expensive or cheap books, altered books for journaling?  Do you 
have a fabulous way to create? Please share with us!
Have an awesome day with paint on your hands, face and cloths!

God, our Creator, has stored within our minds and personalities, great potential strength and ability. 
Prayer helps us tap and develop these powers.

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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