Saturday, October 11, 2014

Were does fie come from?

 Were does the fire of life come from? Do you know?
I would like to have more of it, or generate more of it,
is it passion? Is it happiness? Is it something you do?
What do you think?

There are days when I feel tired that I wonder about this,
is hard to be down, I don`t like it but perhaps I have to 
learn to enjoy that part of my self too, perhaps I am denying
something natural?  This week I went to sleep at 6 pm twice!!

Anyway, here is my art journal spread were I explored 
this idea this morning but the question had been on my mind for a 
while, my drink there is of natural cinnamon tea and I love 
to light up an incense and a candle on cold mornings, you 
would´t think so but this time of the year, mornings are 
super cold over here! 

I write a lot and that notebook you see there is for my lyrics
I am making new music and I write every morning but today was just 
arting on my journal, I hope you enjoy a little of the process!

It´s my wish that you are having a great time too and thank you all for your sweet
comments, it´s lovely to know I have awesome artsy friends around the world!  
I wish we were closer and play together, I really do! :)

All the darkness in the world can´t extinguish 
the light form a single candle.

St. Francis Assisi

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