Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gelli plate printing

 I got a bunch of presents from a student and friend who recently visited NY city, I love it when people show their virtues and generosity, it´s something I value a lot and I am really thankful that someone took their time, money and effort to bring all this, all the way to my studio, that´s is awesome!!   So I got a gelli printing plate, scrapbook papers, lots of sitting blocks for making hand carved stamps and special tools, here is the photo of my gifts... none of this are found in my city!! :(

So I decided to have a free day to enjoy them and I want to share with you what I did, if you haven´t used the gelli plate yet, I truly recommend it.

So I prepared some papers for my prints, some a very delicate and transparent but I cutted all of them to the size of the plate.  Bellow it, you can spot my own version of a plate, that is what I used to print my papers, a box covered with some foamy fabric and plastic for food, I also use it as a palate and I also have one super large so if you can´t find one, make yours, is super easy! Then you will see some of the first prints I made, it´s addictive!  I am getting ready for halloween as you can see!

I also crated a new wall over my Pinterest in case you wanna follow the tutorials, inspiration and
ideas I find and collect about the gelli plate!  Also, here it is what I did with my new papers, I used them as a collage in my art journal this time but I hope to share more ideas on what to do with so many papers, there are tons of ideas, just wait!  Enjoy the visual process of this spread!  I used acrylics, heavy gel medium and the papers on a regular composition book!

 I used my own work printed on a copy paper as a collage piece, I have painted so many faces that I think is a good idea to use them all over agin in my art journals!

I hope you are inspired!

Much love... Moni. ;)

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