Monday, October 6, 2014

The sun and the moon trine

The stars may say about who we are at the moment
but  our will dictates what it will become,
 our heart builds our lives and our
love refined strengthens the stairs towards a higher self,
knowing were to go it´s a decision and decisions
create the path were only doubts relied,
there is never obligations, only opportunities,
to learn and enjoy more of who we are,
sometimes will hurt for our ignorance is huge
for it is the space to fill up with wisdom and this
is infinite...

Wisdom is work, it won´t come unless you call it,
hear it roar in the jungles of the mind, longing to be fed,
and this you most feed everyday,
or it will become a starving beggar,
if so happens, when the fruits of hard work 
grow ready to harvest, they will taste 
like heaven, for the real candy of the soul is peace.

I am love,
and love  has many faces 
but the spirit is one.

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