Tuesday, April 29, 2014

To become better draftswoman/men or to stay in the comfort zone... mmmm, that is the question!

Once upon a time I thought I could draw but after years of study and practice I realize I still have a long, long way to go!  The more I learn, the longer the path seams to become!  I used to think that there would be a day were I could sit and do a drawing or a painting really fast and super easy.  Well, the news is, it gets easier but it gets more complicated too and then you want to go deeper in understanding and so the learning process never ends!  This are great news for me, this means I get to keep intersted in what I like and that there always will be a challenge to overcome so I will never get bored or sick of it! 

But then this quiestion keeps coming to me... What is drawing?

That is a very good question and one that may take a long time to understand, it may be answered with a short simple answer or it may become a life time path.  I would say it's a conciousness expander, it teaches you to realize the world you live in and actually appreciate it, go deep on it and even perceive beyond the seen or what we use to belive is seeing.  We are tought to use our senses as a mixture and sight has come useful but others take place too so we really do not observe.  When you start the practice of drawing you launch a process of really observing and then you understand how poor your sight has been.  Drawing is what an artist should master in the first place for the rest of the techniques lie upon it, it is the foundation of a good work because it is a great teacher of observation.

There is always room for improvement, one can keep on getting better and better and it's my hope I am proving this to you as I go in my own path, I know it's all about practice and commitment, this will come easy when it's something you love, when there is nothing else you rather do!


What does drawing mean to you? 

Being a teacher means that I am learning a lot about people and how each individual faces the tools and techniques of art and I have come to understand how personality influences in your work, so in the end, your work is who you are, how you face the world, it's a reflection of your soul and how you are living life.  You can use the path of art as any other spiritual path to get to a higher place, to me, it certainly is!

This questions next will help you see a little more about how you face your work-path, again, there is more to it but I hope they are useful to you!

Do I know about my own weaknesses and strengths?
Am I doing something about it?
Am I patient and willing to strech my patience and expand it to get were I want to be?
Am I doing something about it?
Am I cheating to get there faster because no one else is watching?
Am I doing something about it?
Am I stealing some one else's ideas and using them as my own?
Am I doing something about it?
Am I taking the time to practice, do the work behind the scenes and overcome common mistakes?
Am I doing something about it?
Am I teaching my self how to refine my work, my self?
Am I doing something about it?
Am I facing, realizing what I have to improve?
Am I doing something about it?

If I push my self to become more focused and make time to do the work that is behind a great drawing or painting I am actually becoming a better person and I am sure I will use this same power in other areas of my life because I've already used it before, I believe this satys with you!  That is progressing! The path is within, internal, with your self and what you do for yourself you will become and no one else can do it for you but would you want to?  The rewards of reaching higher are awesome but as everything, it has a price!

Life is awesome! Wouldn't you agree?

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