Thursday, August 14, 2014

I`m back!

Hello!  It`s been a long time since I posted my last words in this blog but it is that I just recently had fixed my sick computer, yes, they get sick too and need a little spa time and took me a while to find some parts of it for it is supposed to be old already in the technological world, I had a huge laugh when the technician told me so! :)  But anyway, I am back and hopefully I can keep on sharing new stuff with you, it also gave me the time to rest and to re-think what could be fun and useful to you to read on this blog, you can write me to give me your suggestions if you want, I will be more than happy to please you the best way I can and under my possibilities!

A lot has happened while I was gone!  I participated in a drawing marathon and it was the best experience ever!  Ten hours of drawing, lots and lots of drawings and I got the third place among 26 participants from all over the city! Not bad!! Yeeey! :)

My artsy friend Eunice, we met at the art school, we are neighbors also!!  We found out about that  later on the classes when we started to chat, funny how things work out, now we go together to school which is far from were we live, once a week she picks me up and one I her and we share a lot of things too like going to the art supply store and more, it`s fun to have artsy friends specially when they are interesting like her! She is a doll and also so sweet!

I also started this painting at school which has a lot more work and it`s very special to me because it is the starting point of a new me, hopefully one path I can keep up with, life and other things can get in the way of an artist´s work, if only life was about  only painting but I would be starving and with no supplies to paint with so this will go slow for the moment!  I dream of one day doing that only of course and I picture my self living some were out the city... one day!

To celebrate this new post I will share some of the progress of one of my latest art journal pages, I want to do more of these and hopefully they inspire you, I hope to have more time to create good tutorials and processes of my work for you but life gets in the way as I have said before and so we will see how this goes! No promises, let´s just flow.

True love
begins within

My process always changes, it`s hard for me not to try something new each time I dive into creating, I don`t know why but the urge to make it different has to be part of my creative process and I have learned a lot being like that!  That´s why taking photos of my process helps me, when I go back to them I remember what I did and so It`s like taking my own class all over again I see my photos!  I recommend you doing the same and try doing something new each time you create, you won`t improve by doing the same thing over and over and it´s really exciting to try new stuff and not knowing what or how it will come out! I am sure it will keep you fresh! 

Do you vary the way you approach your creative process or do you start the same way every time?
Please share and let us know how your special way of changing things has helped you create!

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