Friday, April 18, 2014

New artwork, new art journal pages and learning more about lettering!

Hello dear friends!  I am using the blogger application for my ipad since my computer is sick and has to take a trip to the doctor so I will be trying this one and see how it goes, so far I can't make my photos larger or put them were I like but this is better than nothing right?  Right now we are on vacation mode over here in Mexico city and finally have some free time and I am loving my alone time here on my studio. I really miss you guys & I hope you don't forget about me, I've been learning a lot of stuff and it's amazing how much one can still be missing out!  But I'm happy, growing at my own time and speed, some may learn fast but for me, it takes time to absorbe all I can but then, it stays forever in my memory so I am patient with me, I used to feel there was something wrong with me when seeing someone else learning it at the moment but I learned that I don't have to be like everybody and so I allow my self to go slow, we are all different right?  I also have been reading a new favorite book, whimsical lettering from Joanne Sharpie and it's super inspiring, I just love how easy going she is with her art and the book, it's really joy time when I'm on it and so I also have learned some new lettering fun and with other classes i've taken I now finally feel happy with my own, here are some of the works I have been doing, I hope you enjoy and get inspired! ;)

Here is some of the whimsical lettering I've been doing!  Thanks to Joanne Sharpie for so much fun, I just love your work and way of teaching! Of course I am practicing to make it my own, I hope that shows, or else, please let me know! ;)

I write indistinctively in Spanish & English and I love that, sometimes one language suits better for some words than the other, those who know both understand what I mean! 

I hope you don't deslike or be ofended by my new work about the female body, I've learned to love it and now I am addicted to it, there is so much to be learned there and it is also something really beautiful and amazing that I now can't think of it not being part of my work so you will be seeing a lot of it!

This is a very large pastel portrait and I am really hoping to get it right, we'll see!

This other one was an experiment, one that I really enjoyed and learned from, it' quite big and drawed with oils, big challenge for me but fun! Can you picture me? ;)

And still in love with kitties! Here is one drawed with charcoals from a photo, they are so hard to make them be still or in one place that is almost impossible to draw them but photos are a fantastic way to make them perfect for you!

And finally, I don't know if I had share this painting here yet, it's one of my favorites so far due to the amazing quality of it, oils are amazing but they are so hard to photograph., I hope you can get an idea of it!

I'll be back with more soon, please stay in contact, I love hearing from you! Xoxo.... moni.

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