Saturday, April 5, 2014

A small up date on Hands and Heart Studio

I haven`t gone yet!  It`s just that
I am too busy at the moment dealing
with many things but I wanted to share with 
you some of the new work, I`ve been learning
and experimenting  a lot as usual, it seams to me
that when one chooses a path, it can be an
everlasting story, so I hope this is true `cause
I see my future self being an old lady in my studio 
still teaching and still learning!  
I hope you enjoy some of my latest work!

I have a lot of students at the studio now, I love teaching and sharing
and it`s really super fun to have this gals over, I am also learning a lot 
about it and I can offer a lot more being right there with them
but I also miss my online students and sharing with people from 
around the globe, I hope to go back to that again soon! 

Listen to your inner self, 
there is a lot that we are still missing
because of our busy lives and 
different worries but let us try
and stop from time to time to
really dig into the true meaning of our lives,
are we going to the desired direction?
Are we happy with how it`s developing?
Remember to focus on the important stuff
and see the large view of it all!

I miss you and I send you my Love!

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