Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thankful to life!

I haven`t gone for a vacation for a long time 
before this, my sweet heart and I
decided it was time to make it happen and so
 we took a plain to Los Cabos!

This beach is so different from what I know, it is a desert 
close to the ocean!  The heat was extreme!
But also really nice to us, in Mexico city is raining 
everyday and mostly dark so this was superb!

But we also had some rain, the locals said that there haven`t been raining
 for three years until this three days of rain!!

We couldn't`t believe it, why us? Lol!  But I had my art supplies with
 me and so this was a great opportunity to paint something!  I thought how
 grateful I was to be there and enjoying of this abundance and beauty!

But we also had beautiful sunny days! A big kiss from Los Cabos!
Wish you were here! ;D

We got to see the amazing sunrises , everything is so quiet, the brezze
 is clean and fresh, the smell of the ocean, everything around
 you invites you to relax and take a deep breath!  I understood 
how much I needed this!

In my art journal, I experimented on using a water soluble pen
 over my watercolors, then, painted on top so the ink would 
run and then go over it again with the pen and this is how it looks!
I loved it!
It`s like the blurry pen has been pushed to the back of the background,
a cool effect that you should try!

This was the hotel we stayed in, a beautiful, beautiful place,
"Hola Gran Faro" and they kept
saying hola every time!  If you wanna check it out
here is the link!  That`s me on a bikini!  Not bad
for being almost 40!!  But, shhhh, that is a secret! ;D

The swimming pool was a delight! I hope you get a chance to visit Los Cabos one day!
It`s an awesome place and it`s worth the visit!

This is a beautiful sunset I could catch!

I am grateful for many beautiful things in my life
to be able to witness the beauty of this world, enjoy it and
share it with my loved ones this is what my journal
 page talks about, I dressed this lady with 
those grateful words, it`s a nice dress to wear!  
Wearing gratitude or the gratitude dress!

I hope you enjoyed this photos, that you also
take sometime to relax, to take care of your self, 
There is always a way to do so, it is really important
 and so your art will be refreshed as well as your heart!


  1. Your brilliant art work is magnificent, love that beautiful face and the writing too.
    Thanks for sharing the fabulous photos!
    Hugs Anja

    1. Thanks Anja! I am glad you enjoy the post! ;D


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