Monday, April 30, 2012

Navigating Art

I got a bunch of 20" x 26" papers and decided to paint on them, I thought
it would be fun to try this size and surfice and see how it would work, now
I am amazed of all the things I can do on them, it`s great! 

 I am being messy and I`m in the search to loosen up, I  want to feel free, more
 like when I am working in an art journal page, my mind changes when I am 
facing a painting, it`s like a flip in to a "careful mode" and I want to overcome that...

For me it`s hard to loosen up, I am trying different things and my work 
now will not have any specific direction but that of experimenting!  
 Being a self  taught artist requires a lot of courage, effort and practice, 
deciding alone what to do, learning by trying and making tons of mistakes 
or things I don`t feel super happy except for the journey, which is what
 I am looking for, it`s what matters to me, the gained experience and I believe
 that learning never ends, there is always  something new and exciting to
 learn or try!

It is funny how life is, you go from zero to more and more understanding of
 things, my idea of Art, is that is my journey in this life time, one that I truly 
Love and feel like I want to add more and more to it and I never get tired of it!
Like Carlos Castaneda said: It`s my way of navigating life!  

Art is my boat, 
 I am navigating a creative
 experience along with my Spirit!

It feels good when somethings simply start to fall into place, learning things, trying
them, failing and trying again is the price to grow, only I can take my self to a more
understanding, which will be translated into more experience, I just keep 
reminding my self that I should keep it enjoyable!
This can be esily forgotten, you wake up one day and put tons of pressure in your
journey and then it`s all about gaining something beyond the plasure of living happy,
I am being aware of taking care of that, or at least I hope I am! ;D

like my mom says:  Who`s gonna know about you after 300 years after 
you are gone?  Have you heard of the lady living 300 years ago and how she
 lived, what she thought, eat and how she used to call her cat?

This makes me humble, I know we now have this online thing and maybe this
will last long time but do you get the point?  Don`t hold back, don`t be afraid, 
be generous, kind and dare!  At the end, is all that matters!

We should make our best to enjoy, share and be happy while we are here!

Ok, enough of words,
we now go and make, make, make! 

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  1. Monica such a beautiful work. And I see your spirit in it. Wonderful.
    Lovely greet

  2. Wonderful work,Monica,I so wish i had some of your talent.
    I love just looking at your work,and being amazed by it.
    Hope you keep weel.Rosie.x

  3. I can really relate to your words as I, too, am pretty much self taught as well. I'm recently revisiting my art self that has been neglected for a long time! Thank you for your inspiration! Your work is beautiful and from the heart! You are a true artist!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!