Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hands on Art!

Art journaling is fascinating, I am loving it more and more, I feel free, that
I can have mistakes, that I can express just about anything in there and like it!

I had this idea of making my favorite pages into large paintings and I am loving it,
this one bellow is the first one and I am working on another today, I have paint
all over my face, arms and cloth and can`t say I care! Lol!

All stamps you see are made by me, now whenever I want some kind of image
I simply make it!  I am proud of this,  years a go I used to dream of having this or
that stamp, now I am even more free creating my art and feels gooood!

I am hosting an art journal group over Hands and Heart Community, it`s free and
everyone is welcome to join, each week we`ll have a new prompt, the images 
are provided, for example this week is the hand used here, they are all copyright
free and a member of Hands and Heart shared the link proving that sharing can be
wonderful, now we are all inspired and happily creating with the images!

I Trust in my Wings,
that I can get far...
I Trust in my Heart,
that I can find the Truth!

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  1. Monica I am totally speakless. I adore this free paintings and what beautiful all your stampes. I have made a beginning with my own stamps. And it is very fun to do. But I can make yet very sumple ones. You are so inspirating and such a great artist.
    Lovely greet and nice weekend

  2. this page is great! Love it! and I love you create your own stamps!!! wow, this page is so powerfull!!!

  3. My, my, my, your art makes my heart sing out loud! I love the passion and the power. The brilliant colors just grab my soul, WOW! What a marvelous talent you have. I am honored to be able to follow your artful journey. Your newest follower # 409. Please accept my invitation to visit and hopefully follow my humble blog as well. I'm a retired activity director that is blessed each time the sun rises on a new and wonderful day. Life is good! Connie :)

  4. I love that you made the stamps yourself....very cool! I've been wanting to make more stamps and after seeing this I'll stop "thinking" about it and get to it. Will also revisit your stamping workshop...but will have to wait until after work. Wonderful work!


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