Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hands on Art!

Art journaling is fascinating, I am loving it more and more, I feel free, that
I can have mistakes, that I can express just about anything in there and like it!

I had this idea of making my favorite pages into large paintings and I am loving it,
this one bellow is the first one and I am working on another today, I have paint
all over my face, arms and cloth and can`t say I care! Lol!

All stamps you see are made by me, now whenever I want some kind of image
I simply make it!  I am proud of this,  years a go I used to dream of having this or
that stamp, now I am even more free creating my art and feels gooood!

I am hosting an art journal group over Hands and Heart Community, it`s free and
everyone is welcome to join, each week we`ll have a new prompt, the images 
are provided, for example this week is the hand used here, they are all copyright
free and a member of Hands and Heart shared the link proving that sharing can be
wonderful, now we are all inspired and happily creating with the images!

I Trust in my Wings,
that I can get far...
I Trust in my Heart,
that I can find the Truth!

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