Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sewing my heart out!

 In my days at fashion designer and textile
 school didn`t think about sewing could be
part of an art piece, it is just recently that I 
decided to incorporate it in my work and
I am having  a blast of creativity!!

I am not using complicated techniques
just what comes to me when I am creating,
again, I am following what is calling my
heart and I am combining different media
and I just feel renewed with my sewing
background and it promises lots of days
of fun creating!

To me, it is like painting with different media,
I am adding the same kind of designs I usually do
 in my paintings but I`ve always loved the idea of 
touching what is in the painting, it`s an 
exploration into another dimension!

I have a surprise for you to celebrate this valentine`s day,
I will post it tomorrow and I hope you 
like it so please come back and check it out! :)

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