Friday, February 4, 2011

I Take you In My Heart Paper Doll Workshop!

I want to celebrate with you two things:
My blog aniversary wich is this month, 
and this next valentine`s day
with a paper doll visual workshop!

I made this collage sheet for you to download
just right clik and save of course I don`t have to 
say is for your personal use only right? :)
Now let`s get to make our doll!

Print your sheet in a hot pressed watercolor or
your favorite paper!

Cut your shapes with a good cutter with a brand 
new blade, you will need two of the same dolls, 
one will be  the background doll and you will 
use the arms  of the other one and a dress wich
 can be a pattern to transfer into a beautiful paper...
Pick up the dress on top of your doll so it
 matches perfect!

You will attach the arms this way but not yet,
first you will add some colors with soft pastels
to the body and face you can use watercolors 
pencils or your favorite medium...

Glue your dress shape into the watercolor paper,
awww, isn`t that cute?

Now that you have added color you can glue
the pieces together, I`ve used a contact glue and
I am always careful to be super clean! First add the 
dress, then the arms as shown earlier, notice
that tiny heart shape?  It has been attached to the
back of the hands, the arms aren`t completly
glued so they can be uplifted from the front...

Add more details like shoes, hair band, a lace to
the dress, use your imagination and be creative!
Also add more color to the face! 
Are you having fun?

Prepare a beautiful paper for your card, I am 
using a hand made one with cool textures!

I am sure you have some beautiful coordinating
papers to make your card, are you like me? 
collect them just because they are beautiful
and never  use them?  Well, it`s time
 to bring a few out and be let them be usefull!

Play around with your papers and see what looks
best with your doll, to make her the focal point,
I`ve used a vellum paper to push the background
 to the back, this vellum is not glued but in the lower
part were no one can see and attached on the top
with some star brads...

I love my card! It is special! You can make a few
and give to your friends this valentine`s day!

Some inspiration for the interior of the card;
leave some space to write a sentiment or if you
prefer, stamp it!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make beautiful dolls!
I wish yo have a great valentine`s day and share your Love
Be Happy, Be Creative and Make the World Better!
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  1. Beautiful and fun, thank you
    hugs June

  2. So beautiful, thank you so much for the sweet doll and instructions! xoxo

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this paper doll, Moni! But of course, you KNEW I would! Thank you SO much! I feel like you designed her just for me! I'm have to pass this on to my oldest granddaghter...she's going to love this! Thanks for sharing it with us! Hugs!

  4. Monica, I love these paper dolls! Thanks for sharing.


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