Friday, December 29, 2017

Welcome 2018

The year of new changes!
Growing, to me, means to let go of the old so the new can become part of us,
removing the old skin and mold the new one, it has to be larger and more comfortable,
easier to carry, happier, one that stretches and can be molded at will.

My vision for the new year is of me flying towards it, with confidence and peace
 on top of my freedom, meaning that I am free to go anywhere I want and 
do the things I love, this ain´t easy, it´s work, inner work but that is my main goal.

I am sharing with you a little about my process here so you can be inspired 
to create a vision for your year, I, we call it, true intentions and it´s 
something my mom created a few years a go with a tree of abundance and had 
many leaves meaning different things for her, I did mine based on what I call 
those things that are true, the ones that make us who we are like, peace, happiness, 
honesty, the new job and new car is not part of this, only things that mean working 
on your self and that´s why I call them true for those are the things that 
you will truly own and this year I am doing the same but with a different image, 
in my journal bellow I wrote about those intentions, then did a study in a 
small journal and finally the painting.

I took my time to think about those things I want and how, I did some
meditation work and this vision came to me...
From there, all I did was play with the different ideas that came to me.

You can download this drawing and transfer it if you want or use it as an inspiration!

I received many gifts for my studio time and I am already making use of them!
I love golden and I also use the Mexican brand which is pretty good too and 
super affordable and I don´t have to pay for delivery which is very expensive!
I am also expecting some open acrylics and alkyne oil paints to try them and
of course I can´t wait! :D

I use a simple notebook, pens and markers, soft pastels to play this way!

Grace to let go and hope to find
will to change and stamina to fulfill 
dreams to conquer and work to reach them
laughter and happiness
peace and truth
honesty and growth
love and the self.

I hope you create a beautiful vision for your self this new cycle,
you deserve beautiful things, inspiration, love and beautiful people
around you, you deserve to be loved and cared, you deserve all of
the good things life, God always is putting in our hands, be open to them
embrace all of your goodness ad say good bye to those things that 
no longer serve your purpose by adding new ones.

Much love to you!

 Happy 2018!

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