Monday, September 15, 2014

Viva Mexico Party! Art journal page

In the celebration of Mexico´s independence I was inspired to make this spread using the digital collage sheet I posted bellow for you if you want to use it sometime, it was made with photos found on Pinterest from my wall Viva Mexico!
Even though I love this celebration I haven´t been able to find much crafts inspired on it and it was pretty sad for me not to find ideas to celebrate so I hopefully will keep creating more in the future, in the mean time, here is what I did for this art journal spread! Enjoy!

This are the same photos of the digital collage sheet bellow, the tehuana lady has a very bad quality and is really out of focus but I love the photo! And he has a broken leg for I had a little accident!

And with the magic of a little paint she came to life, I love how she looks, I would love to make this one larger, painting from a real life model... sigh!

This one is Don Emiliano Zapata, I didn´t really worked much on this one,
the suit is so dark it was hard to see but I could work a bit more on the face,
I liked the way it looks so I moved to the next step!

Here is the full spread! She looks so tiny but there are many woman this size in my 
country, actually, there are many different highs in men as well.

And the final results, I am so glad I have a photo without the doodling part, I think I like it better but there is no undo here so I will have to enjoy it the way it ended!

My idea was to try to make it festive,  Mexicans love to party and make one for every occasion and this date is important, we love to eat pozole, enchiladas of different styles and sing out loud with the mariachis traditional Mexican songs, light up fireworks and drinking tequila, I don´t drink but occasionally have a beer on special occasions, I don´t like the feeling of my blood going numb so I prefer the traditional aguas frescas like lemonade!

This just inspired me to create a new wall over Pinterest about traditional Mexican food, it will have only real Mexican recipes, it´s funny to find there some recipes that some people think is Mexican which are actually mix of Mexican with other cultures, I will try to find the real thing and post it here!

Viva México!
Free digital collage for your personal use!
Please share if you use it over Hands and Heart Facebook page! Enjoy! ;)

Enjoy your day and thank you for visiting!! 

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