Monday, October 1, 2012

The Day of the Dead

The day of the dead 
November 2nd
is very popular around the world, 
we Mexicans are used to see death as a part of life, 
we consider it is a cycle, we grow up with this day 
a  c e l e b r a t i o n  d a y,
 it`s a little mixed up with Halloween now due to 
the proximity with the USA and so
the children learned to go out for their trick or treat 
as well but we call it "calaverita", we set up 
our altars with flowers and food, and dedicate
this day to remeber our loved ones that have
gone before us, I made this 
spread for that coming day, maybe I`ll attach 
some photos of that day on it!! 

I`ve carved some skulls and made beautiful cards with it as well
as the altered book page!

In here you can see my paper doll skull, you can find a tutorial in the 
right column! I`ve used my own skull design, I just Love
to make fun characters!

My brother who is also learning to carve and has been doing some 
awesome works, like this Frankenstein!

 I`ve been making tiny paintings, this is made with my tehuanas
skull doll, the rest is painted with some carved stamps!

And couldn`t resist making some cards!!

This is fun, all hand made! Can you believe it?

This are some more tiny paintings, they are too cute
to be scarry and a lot of fun to make!

I hope you enjoy my whimsical spooky characters and that
they bring you a smile to your face, that`s the intention behind all this! ;D

Enjoy life!


  1. Absolutely wonderful, exciting and amazing, I love it all! You are so inspiring Monica! ♥

  2. amazing carvings and creations Monica! Love!


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