Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life Book 2013

Hello sweets! I have news for you!
I have been invited by wonderful Tamara Laporte
to participate teaching in the next

Life Book 2013! 

Thank you Tamara, I am honored to be part
of this awesome event and share with your 
talented teachers and friends!

The fabulous event will take place over

Make sure to join and be ready for 
registrations will soon open!

This is a fun year of techniques, new friends, wonderful prompts and
growing, it`s simply magical!  I know you don`t want to miss this!

Check some of the awesome teachers that will be sharing with you!
Please click on the images to see them larger!

Can`t wait for this to start!!

I hope you`ll join us and be part of the fun!

                                                     Check the awesome sites 
           of the talented artists/teachers!

                                              Jane Davenport -

Dion Dior –
Mindy Lacefield –
Danita –
Effy Wild –
Christy Tomlinson –
Erin Faith Allen –
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer –
Lauren Nash –
Shiloh Sophia McCloud –
Aimee Myers Dolich –
Monica Zuniga –
Michelle Kral (Mitsi B) –
Dina Wakley –
Tamara Laporte (Hostess) -

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  1. Moni, I am so happy for you! What a wonderful artist Tamara has added to her group!!!


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