Friday, October 8, 2010

Skelleton paper doll visual workshop

I`ve created this fun skelleton digital collage sheet
and I wanted to use it to create something fun today!

Then I thought why not share my process with you 
and get you inspired?

How about a skelleton paper doll?

So I`ve started with printing my sheet on a regular paper,
 cutting the skelleton  and pasted it on to a cream cardstock, 
this is to make it stronger but you may also print on one from the 
begining or paste in watercolor paper!

Then I cleaned the edges, some parts are very detailed and 
those that I knew were going to be hidden, I left it untoched so the piece
is stronger, the fingers were a bit challenging but I wanted to
to try!

Then I made her skirt, I love my paper dolls to have
fabric on their clothing and I love the fact that I can sew a bit
and this way  make the upper part smaller with a very easy trick:
Two threads joining in the center!
The ends are with a knot so when you pull
it srinks!

And voila! My paper doll has a skirt! :)
Then I sewed the back and folded in the bottom,
you could also use some fabric glue!

Then I`ve made her a chalina it`s a
like a big knitted scarf! For that I used a piece of an old sweater,
I have lots of fabric scraps for this pourpose,
I love the cute button brad I attached to keep it in place!

So far she was great but of course, mexican skelletons 
always wear flowers in the head so mine wasn`t going to stay behind!
She also has some tull on the back as well!

Isn`t she really cute? 

What about some old book cover to display her?
I simply cutted it with a cuter, the color matches perfect for the
theme, looks purple but the rusty parts are lovely!

To hang it I made some holes and used the cropadile to attach 
some grommets, so easy! I love this tool!

Then I simply added a ribbon, I have to say I am not 
happy with it, perhaps something that matches the book cover so
the doll stays the focus, the ribbon is trying to steal the spot light! 
A sheet of soft fabric on the back and she is attached 
with some brads to it, she`s so light it stays perfect!

I hope you enjoyed my mini tutorial and I hope you make 
some skelleton paper dolls and have lots of fun too!
If so, I hope you share!

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  1. Sooo gorgeous! She is fit for the dance! Thanks for sharing your fun! That butterfly doll is exquisite!!! You can do anything!!! I am going to write to some magazine gals and see if they can feature you!!!! Keep it up dear one. Hope you are well. Blessings.

  2. Love this. I had just happened across some skeleton graphics this will be perfect to do & I think it is easy enough for my young daughter too! Hope this is finding you well!
    Happy Fall Monica! ~Theresa

  3. oh my gosh! I love, love, LOVE this!!!!!

  4. I loved the tutorial. Think I will try this one out! Thank you for shearing!

  5. Love what you do and have added some to my pin interest.


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