Online Class

I want to share with the world, meet, know you and learn from you,
I love the possibilities of the Internet for it, meeting people from all 
over the world is something I always enjoyed!

I also love creating and sharing my findings, as a self taught artist,
I feel I discover amazing things that could be unique in the way of
how I apply them, that´s what makes each one of us different.

I decided to open my new course to everyone who wants to learn 
from this lady, who struggles with paint, art tools and life but loves
 every second of it!

I want you to be part of my Art Playground Online Workshop 
and I decided to offer you the option to decide how much you would like to pay.

Check it out!

Option one 116 usd


Option two 90  usd

Option three 70 usd



Option four  50 usd


Option Five 30 usd


Option six 15 usd


If you prefer to send me an invoice, please do so to:

Simply click the option you prefer and I´ll send
you an invitation on (September 8) to the private blog
were all the classes have been added and are waiting for you!

Yes, the course is open to everyone, give back 
what you consider would be OK or what you can now, maybe
later you will give more...

Sounds good? Yes, it is for real, the site will stay open for as long as it
feels OK, I don´t consider never ending courses to be good for my experience
is that they get old and  we renew and we learn and get better, I believe 
in up dating the info so later on I will renew the class but letting you know 
about it all of course but for now is permanent.

No downloads, I am not able to offer this option for I am using YouTube
and they don´t give this option, Maybe later I will have a better option
to offer.

Need more info? You can write me an email to:

Join by paying and I´ll send the invitation asap to the private blog.

Hands and Heart Online Playground

Course fully opens August 8!

We also will have our Facebook Group were to meet and share! 

A small class sample for you! :D

More info about the content of the class here.