Sunday, August 6, 2017

New Online Workshop Art Journaling and Mixed Media Playground!

So much can be learned today, so many people have 
walked this earth, in different cultures, in different areas,
they are all our teachers and...

we should be grateful for them.

Today it is so easy to grab a book and learn something but
think about all that these people in the past and what they had to go
through in order to learn and master those skills no matter their area,
they payed the price for that and they made life a bit easier for us,
one generation after another and...

we should be grateful to them.

In my artistic path, I´ve learned form so many great souls, in books,
tutorials, classes, workshops, online workshops and teachers and it´s always a 
great joy to be taking art lessons, my face is always smiling! :D

I´ve been learning a lot by my self too and it´s about a lot of doing 
and observing, thinking and deducting, doubting and getting 
frustrated, practicing  and failing  and no, it hasn´t been easy but 
I think that I could not live my life other way, this is what I love doing.

And I love sharing what I know! As before, I will share with those
who want, all that I can in my new online Hands and Heart playground,
I think it´s my best course yet because I´ve grown so much since my first
classes and I have more experience teaching live and it´s been a while!

So here is the news about my new
 Online Workshop, Art Journaling and Mixed Media Playground!

If you have taken classes with me before, you know how I like to give
a lot and deep, we´ll cover many things and it´s planed to keep you
inspired for a long time and from a perspective of someone who has been
in the not knowing were to start place! Believe me, I´ve been there too
so I am making the lessons very easy to follow and fun for you!

 I´ve taken some time to grow as an artist and learning, 
practicing and I´ve made an upgrade in my
artwork and how I use it to express my self better and I feel 
 it´s time for me to share all this with you!

If you are new to Hands and Heart and my way of teaching,
here is what you can expect to from the class:

20 lessons to unleash your creativity and learn mixed media techniques 
that you will be able to apply in your art projects. 

You will practice them in a fun, safe way so you loose the fears of 
creating using an art journal as your playground but you are
welcome to do them in your favorite surface.
  If you are new to art journaling, you can start learning
with a simple pencil and a journal and still have tons of fun and grow from there!
  If you are an experienced art journaler, this will help you have new 
fresh ideas that will boost your inspiration but will show you new
ways to apply mixed media techniques too!

I created this class thinking how I would love this class if I were the student.

Will you be required to create perfect faces in this course?
No, this is a playground were you will learn how to create faces too
but in a fun, relaxed way and you will learn how to be very creative with 
what you already know but still will be learning a lot about the theme of
how to draw and paint faces too.

Class will be in a closed group here in blogger,  you will
have to have a blogger account for you to be able to join, 
it is very easy and free to join.
The lessons are created in a book format but there
will be some videos too, we will have our Facebook group 
were we can share our advances and see how the class is doing,
a place were we can meet and hang!

Class will be up for a year.
By then, I should be having new classes ready.

No video downloads or pdf´s but you are welcome to save to 
your computer all you need from the class, photos, the 
samples and the info.

These are the themes to be covered:

Every class has a fun step by step sample
that you can follow and copy
besides the art techniques and exercises required
to accomplish it as well as challenges for you to complete.

Were to start

How to keep a simple basic art journal studio

Pencil drawing basics


Water soluble pencils

Collage Journey 1, 2, 3 and more ways!

Watercolor basics, tips and exercises

Pure watercolors art journal page

Watercolors and a variety of medium mixes

Words, how to


Paper dolls

Acrylics basics

Painting with spatulas

How to use your brushes creatively

Acrylics and pastels

Acrylics as watercolor

Acrylics and oil pastels

Acrylics and mixed media

Color basics and tips (not a typical color theory class)


Faces how to draw and paint them

A special class on eyes


Using your art journal as a sketch book

Special journals and how to make them

Altered books 

Tips on how to expose your work out there




You are welcome to join anytime you want,
all classes have been added and are waiting for you now!

class will be open 24/7 permanently but it
will be updated sometime in the future, I will let you know
in advance of course!

Playground opens in September 8, 2017.

Cost to join: 116 usd